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Tips for Undergoing Micro Peel Treatments in Plano, TX

We all love our skin to have a radiant glow but sometimes life can dull our shine. This is when undergoing a micro peel in Plano, TX can be a choice to bring back your radiance.

Being Realistic About Micro Peel

A micro peel in Plano, TX is the lowest intensity skin peel treatment available. The advantages of undergoing treatments are the treatment itself doesn’t take long. It usually lasts 25-40 minutes depending on the area. Recovery is quick and the results are wonderful. Laser micro peel is more effective than using skin care products by themselves. The treatments are virtually pain free. It is highly suggested you apply numbing cream about one to one and half hours before you undergo treatment.

Think of the numbing cream like going to the dentist and getting Novocaine except there are no shots and no drills! Your face will have that weird feeling as it numbs but it isn’t permanent and it helps with the procedure. Your face will have a reddish tone to it immediately after the treatment is done. This is completely normal so don’t freak out. The reddish tone diminishes over a few days and you are left with a lovely radiant glow that also improves your skin texture. Some who have undergone Micro Peel in Plano, TX have noted that there is an improvement to their facial wrinkles.

What Micro Peels Don’t Do

Micro Peels are not plastic surgery. You do not have to undergo general anesthesia. There is no long-term recovery period or bandages that need to be removed. It will not smooth out skin folds, dramatic wrinkles or change your skin tone.

If you’re looking for a micro peel in Plano, TX, visit the Earthbound Skin Spa website to find out how they can help you discover a new radiant you.