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What to Expect from a First Bikini Wax in St. Johns, FL

Part of getting ready for summer is making sure that everything is ready for wearing a swimsuit. For those who have never had a Bikini Wax in St. Johns, FL , there may be a little hesitancy. Will the procedure hurt? What about privacy? Here is what to expect when going for a bikini wax for the first time.

Answering a Few Questions

Many people are surprised to learn that undergoing a bikini wax does require more than making an appointment. Before the waxing can take place, it is necessary to ask a few health questions first. It is important to disclose if the client has a chronic condition like diabetes. A pregnancy should also be mentioned, along with the use of any medications that may cause the blood to thin. The answers to these questions are kept confidential and will help the professional know how to manage the bikini wax St. Johns, FL responsibly.

The Matter of Privacy

A bikini wax will take place in a private room. It is not unusual for the professional to provide the client with a pair of disposable underwear that can be worn for the procedure. Typically, the client is given privacy to disrobe, don the disposable underwear and then settle into position for the wax.

During the procedure, the only people in the room will be the client and the professional who is taking care of the wax. At any point in time, the client is free to ask questions. In fact, many find that carrying on a conversation while the procedure is underway helps to calm the nerves.

The Actual Procedure

The professional will ask the client if waxing along the bikini line is sufficient, or if the area treated should be a little deeper. The length of the hair involved will also make a difference. If it happens to be over a certain length, expect the professional to trim it slightly before applying the wax. Keep in mind the wax is allowed to harden before it is removed. The professional will work in sections as way to quickly rip the wax away and reveal the smooth skin. For many people, it is the first rip that stings a little. After that, the discomfort comes and goes so quickly that it is barely noticed.

Give waxing a try today. After seeing the results, there is a good chance that the client will be back again. To know more, contact Fountain of Beauty.